KEIKO Tee Shimodozono International GmbH

KEIKO Shimodozono International GmbH - specialized trader for Japanese organic green tea, Matcha products, tea sweets and accessories. EG quality control and sustainable cultivation and production.

KEIKO is a Japanese-German company and we produce green tea mainly on our own organic tea farm in Kagoshima in southern Japan. In 1992 we pioneered organic farming according to the EG organic guidelines as the first tea-company in Japan. We produce a competent assortment of Japanese green teas from 14 different tea varieties, among them Sencha, Kabusecha, Shincha and Japanese black tea. Here in Germany we also grind fresh Matcha and Matcha blends on our own Japanese granite mills. Therefore, we are able to respond flexibly to the tea demands and quality standards of our customers. We sell the teas under the name of our brand KEIKO as well as private label producers. We also offer Matcha sweets, green tea pots, Matcha accessories and green tea care products. All our teas are produced under ecological, fair and sustainable conditions free from pesticides and GMO. As a world innovation for gastronomy we present the world’s first Matcha espresso machine with a granite grinder for serving freshly foamed Matcha teas, Matcha lattes or Matcha cocktails. The highlight is the fresh milling of Matcha directly in the machine on granite stone grinders by simply pushing a button.