MEÁMBAR PREMIUM COFFEE - Rohkaffee Direct Trade Honduras Inh. Carola Larios-Postel


MEÁMBAR works together with in Honduras selected, reliable coffee farmers who have their fincas at altitudes around 1.500 meters, providing only Strictly High Grown Quality Coffee (SHG). The Arabica Varieties, the social responsibility from the farmers to their workers and the cultivation methods of the plantations play an extremely important role for the selection of our farmers.

Our green coffee is certified by the DO MARCALA. Only raw coffee accordingly prepared and with the certification of DO MARCALA will be exported. For us this is one of the few independent organizations in Honduras, we do trust. The DO MARCALA certifies with transparency that the coffee actually is from the region Marcala and is also of high quality (SCAA > 80). Each jute sack is numbered so that traceability is given.
This is for us DIRECT FINCA TRADE based on trust, fairness and quality!
We mainly provide the European Market therefore we have our office and warehouse in Stuttgart,
Germany. For further information, visit
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