Frey + Lau GmbH

Our flavour creates moments of pleasure.

FREY&LAU has decisively shaped the development of flavoured teas in Germany and continues to be at the heart of flavoured tea development. We’ve supported the tea industry worldwide for over 50 years, through flavouring black and green, rooibos and instant teas as well as fruit and herbal infusions. We continually tap into this wealth of experience when developing new creative flavours. As a specialist in customized tea flavours, we set innovative trends and design unique solutions on the basis of an extensive range of all conceivable taste nuances.With the CAPSO® technology, we have developed a groundbreaking method for encapsulating tea flavours. A superb addition to our stock of liquid flavours for loose rough cut and medium cut teas, and to our product-line of granulated flavours for fine cut teas in bags.