Prodima Mixers S.A.

Prodima-High performance mixer, another philosophy in mixing

Prodima Mixers S.A. has been developing, manufacturing and selling batch mixers for efficient blending, mixing and homogenizing for virtually all industries where powders, grains, flakes, granules etc. need to be mixed efficiently for almost 50 years. Its special mixing tools guarantee highest mixing quality even for small components, short mixing times, flexibility in installation and use and low energy consumption. Its flexible useful volume that can vary from approx. 10 % up to approx to 90% is one of its other advantages, as well as easy operation, quick and easy cleaning, mobile mixer. Adding liquids (spraying) and fat is possible too as well as the production of emulsions and marinades. Prodima mixers are available in the following sizes: 15, 35, 130, 440, 1'100 and 2'500 liters.

At the exhibition Coteca 2018 we present our core competences: small mixers and one mixer MP-500. Furthermore we will exhibit a small filling system for cans and bags, which is fed automatically and without dust by a flexible conveyor. All systems are presented in function and partly with product.

In order to demonstrate the high performance and efficiency of our system, we offer interested companies the opportunity to test our mixer on site, free of charge and under normal operating conditions. This takes place during trial trips, which we conduct with our small demonstration mixer 50.