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Tea, time, chance and the invention of the PARADOX TEAtimer

Sometimes the preparation of tea works. But experts know: in many cases the steeping time is too long or too short - with known consequences for pleasure and nerves. An innovation from Munich fascinates the cultivated world of true tea lovers.

Impatience or boredom? Waiting until the tea has been drawn is not part of the tea enjoyment. The PARADOX TEA timer does not allow both feelings to arise. The hourglass with colourful pearls magically attracts the eye and puzzles the mind. The beads - against all habits and experience - slowly swirl upwards. With this fascination, waiting time becomes an event. Test subjects reported that they hardly noticed the waiting time.

The PARADOX TEA timer has finished thinking about tea and shows different brewing times. Tea sorts receive their individual right to time, the age-old cultural drink becomes independent of chance. Eight colour variants can be displayed virtually on the website (http://paradoxtime.com/shop/kitchen-style/tea-timer/) and adapted to the kitchen furnishings.

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