Coffee partnership: Second round for Kaffee Campus of the German Roasters Guild at COTECA 2018

The Kaffee Campus of the German Roasters Guild will be held for the second time at COTECA Coffee, Tea, Cocoa Global Industry Expo from 10 to 12 October 2018. An extensive supporting programme will be run on all three days of the trade show, with specialist presentations, workshops and professional coffee cuppings. A total of some 200 exhibitors from 40 nations will be there, presenting their products, services and innovations to the expert international audience in Hall A4 at COTECA.

“We are delighted that the Kaffee Campus of the German Roasters Guild will be participating again at COTECA 2018. This partnership gives benefits both for trade visitors and for exhibitors, expanding the range and enriching the supporting programme,” says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH.

Enver Atabay, Chairman of the German Roasters Guild, notes that “the German Roasters Guild together with its 130 member companies has set itself the goal of upholding the craft of artisan roasting and maintaining diversity in the coffee industry. Visitors to the Kaffee Campus 2018 at COTECA can see this diversity for themselves – in discussion with exhibitors, in tastings, and in workshops. This year’s programme includes both lateral entrants to the industry and coffee experts, presenting a wide range of products with new, creative solutions and plenty of inspiration for visitors’ own business.”

Kaffee Campus hosts presentations and workshops

The Kaffee Campus of the German Roasters Guild will host exciting presentations and workshops for the trade audience at COTECA. The range of subjects goes from contaminants in coffee to efficient roasting management to coffee sensors. They include legal topics such as German emissions legislation and its impact on coffee roasters, the new packaging laws, and regulations that roasters have to comply with from 2019 onwards. Alongside further presentations, many producers and green coffee traders will invite visitors to taste coffee specialities. Visitors can also register for a range of workshops in the coffee, tea and cocoa sectors – profile development and roast expectations, chocolate from high-quality cocoa, and tea training to cover the new focus on tea in coffee shops. A satellite programme enables visitors to participate in an excursion to a green coffee warehouse. For comprehensive information on the Kaffee Campus and the supporting programme, please visit

COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo will be held for the fifth time, from 10 to 12 October 2018. It is the only business meeting in Europe to combine the three sectors coffee, tea and cocoa. Market leaders make use of this international trade show to present their products and services, and to exchange views with trade visitors on the major topics of the industry. The Kaffee Campus is an ideal complement to the exhibition, and is keenly awaited by visitors from some 70 countries.


COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo takes place once every two years at the Hamburg Messe und Congress site. In 2018 it will be held from 10 to 12 October, with opening hours 10:00 to 18:00. It is Europe’s only trade show for coffee, tea and cocoa which brings together all three sectors. In cooperation with the Kaffee Campus of the German Roasters Guild, the expo also gives insights into all aspects of artisan coffee roasting. The concept supporters of COTECA are the German Coffee Association, the German Tea Association, the German Association of Herbal and Fruit Infusions (WKF), and the German Cocoa Trade Association. For more information and photos, please visit